Red Rose Council of the Blind

Affiliate of the PA Council of the Blind;


131 E. Vine Street, Lancaster, PA 17602

Ph: 717-872-1192;  Em:;  www:











Promoting Opportunity and Empowerment for Persons with Vision Loss




     The Red Rose Council of the Blind (RRCB) is a membership organization consisting of blind, partially sighted, and sighted persons in Lancaster County.  Our goal is to encourage and assist people who are blind or vision impaired in seeking independence through employment, the learning of blindness skills, personal and social adjustment, and making significant contributions to society at large.  The RRCB is an affiliate of the PA Council of the Blind (PCB) consisting of chapters throughout the state.  PCB is the largest organization of blind people in our Commonwealth.  RRCB is also affiliated nationally to the American Council of the Blind; .



     RRCB provides a vehicle for blind and vision impaired persons to make their voices heard in a society which tends to respond more readily to large numbers of persons speaking out on common issues and concerns.  RRCB offers opportunity to meet, to observe, to discuss common experiences, hopes and problems, and to learn from each other.  Any person interested in working with RRCB and who supports its purposes and objectives is invited to become a member by contacting us at the address above.  The membership fee is $20 which includes membership in PCB and ACB.  Valuable information is available through newsletters distributed in accessible formats to members on a regular basis.  RRCB has a monthly meeting of the membership in Lancaster.



     To be recognized as a leading advocacy organization for people with vision impairments in our area. The aim of all our efforts is to encourage and assist people in achieving their potential as valued members of society.   RRCB assistance, advocacy and encouragement will be carried out in such areas as, but not limited to: all aspects of accessibility, transportation, education and employment.


RRCB Officers:  Ed Hersh, President; Yvonne Garris, Vice President; Nathan Roth, Treasurer;  Stephanie Hersh, Corresponding Secretary; Candace Gregory, Recording Secretary